Coaching Roster - by name

Name Team
No photo Deidra Bohannon
Assistant coach 13-1 JD
Trina Braden
Email | Bio
Co-head coach 16-1 Trina
Ayla Brewer
Email | Bio
Co-head coach 14-2 JA
Tina Chau
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 14-3 Paul
Ella Cleveland
Email | Bio
Co-head coach 16-1 Trina
Amber Clinton
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-2 Amber
Paul Collins
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-3 Paul
Catherine Connerat
Assistant coach 11-1 Kodie
Robert Doyal
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-3 Doyal
Lynsey Hamblin
Assistant coach 12-1 Jeremy
Jeremiah Harrison
Email | Bio
Head coach 12-1 Jeremy
Board representative 11-1 Kodie
Charlette Judge
Email | Bio
Head coach 16-2 Charlette
James Judge
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 16-2 Charlette
Natasa Kolunija
Email | Bio
Head coach 18-2 Natasa
Melissa Liston
Email | Bio
No photo Josh Marsh
Head coach 13-1 JD
Assistant coach 15-3 Doyal
JMac McCall
Email | Bio
Head coach 17-1 JMac
Board representative 18-1 Jason
Taylor McColskey
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-1 Taylor
Elle McCord
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 17-1 JMac
Gemma Papasodero
Email | Bio
Head coach 16-3 Gemma
Kodie Patterson
Email | Bio
Head coach 11-1 Kodie
Assistant coach 18-2 Natasa
Derick Powell
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-2 Derick
Michelle Prater
Marge Ramos
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 15-2 Derick
Board representative 13-2 Amber
Jason Rutherford
Email | Bio
Head coach 18-1 Jason
Co-head coach 14-2 JA
Barry Sanders
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 15-1 Joe
Desiree Sawyerr
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 13-2 Amber
Jillian Schoenborn
Email | Bio
Head coach 18-1 Jillian
Sandi Stein
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 18-1 Jason
Hannah Swindall
Email | Bio
Head coach 17-2 Hannah
Phil Teknipp
Board representative 13-1 JD
Board representative 16-1 Trina
Board representative 16-2 Charlette
Joe Whigham
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-1 Joe
Assistant coach 17-2 Hannah
Assistant coach 18-1 Jillian
Casey Wright
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 14-1 Taylor
Team Coach
Click to view team 18-1 Jason Head coach Jason Rutherford Email | Bio
Assistant coach Sandi Stein Email | Bio
No photo 18-2 Natasa Head coach Natasa Kolunija Email | Bio
Assistant coach Kodie Patterson Email | Bio
Click to view team 17-1 JMac Head coach JMac McCall Email | Bio
Assistant coach Elle McCord Email | Bio
Click to view team 17-2 Hannah Head coach Hannah Swindall Email | Bio
Assistant coach Joe Whigham Email | Bio
No photo 16-1 Trina Co-head coach Ella Cleveland Email | Bio
Co-head coach Trina Braden Email | Bio
No photo 16-2 Charlette Head coach Charlette Judge Email | Bio
Assistant coach James Judge Email | Bio
No photo 16-3 Gemma Head coach Gemma Papasodero Email | Bio
No photo 15-1 Joe Head coach Joe Whigham Email | Bio
Assistant coach Barry Sanders Email | Bio
No photo 15-2 Derick Head coach Derick Powell Email | Bio
Assistant coach Marge Ramos Email | Bio
No photo 15-3 Doyal Head coach Robert Doyal Email | Bio
Assistant coach Josh Marsh Email
No photo 14-1 Taylor Head coach Taylor McColskey Email | Bio
Assistant coach Casey Wright Email | Bio
No photo 14-2 JA Co-head coach Jason Rutherford Email | Bio
Co-head coach Ayla Brewer Email | Bio
No photo 14-3 Paul Head coach Paul Collins Email | Bio
Assistant coach Tina Chau Email | Bio
Click to view team 13-1 JD Head coach Josh Marsh Email
Assistant coach Deidra Bohannon Email
No photo 13-2 Amber Head coach Amber Clinton Email | Bio
Assistant coach Desiree Sawyerr Email | Bio
No photo 12-1 Jeremy Head coach Jeremiah Harrison Email | Bio
Assistant coach Lynsey Hamblin Email
No photo 11-1 Kodie Head coach Kodie Patterson Email | Bio
Assistant coach Catherine Connerat Email
No photo 18-1 Jillian Head coach Jillian Schoenborn Email | Bio
Assistant coach Joe Whigham Email | Bio

Contact Information

Joe Whigham
A5 South Club Director

A5 South Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

A5 South had 5 teams earn bids to the 2016 USAV Girls Junior National Championships.

A5 South Volleyball Club
105 Mallory Court
Tyrone, GA 30290
Phone: 678-763-7901

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