Our coaches will focus on consistency. We have a coaches manual that defines what we teach and at what age we teach each skill. We also focus on the fact that once a skill is taught at a young age, we will focus on reinforcement of that skill. From the time a player is 12 until they graduate from high school, we will maintain consistency.

Continuing Education: Every coach will be given the chance to attend one clinic per year, with all costs paid for by A5 South. We will provide recommendations on which clinics will provide the greatest value, and allow you to learn from the best.

Master-Coaching Mentoring Program: We refocused our attention on this program to put experienced coaches in a a position of leadership to work with younger coaches, to have teams practice together. These groups of two to three will work together in planning practices, reviewing personnel utilization, and working together on strategies for success.

Attending college practices: We have made arrangements to have our coaches attend local college practices and interact with these coaches to observe the most current practice techniques and strategies.

If you have questions about our coaching program overall, please inquire using the "Contact Us" link above.

A5 South remains committed to hiring, training, and retaining the most experienced coaches available; we are fortunate to have a truly talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff responsible for the development of our student-athletes.

Name Team
Ansley Berry
Head coach 11-2 Ansley
Ashley Beyer
Assistant coach 13-1 Kodie
No photo Amariah Boyer
Assistant coach 14-3 Desiree
Assistant coach 15-2 Ayla
Amber Clinton
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-2 Amber
Head coach CVC 14-1
Paul Collins
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-2 Paul
Jason Davis
Head coach 11-1 Jason
No photo Alisha Erves
Assistant coach 15-1 Jeremy
No photo Alec Felt
Assistant coach 16-2 Haylea
Mason Forsyth
Assistant coach 14-2 Paul
MK Forsyth
Head coach 10-1 MK
Shelley Green
Head coach CVC 13- Shelley
Assistant coach 13-2 Amber
Jeremiah Harrison
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-1 Jeremy
Board representative 13-2 Amber
Board representative 13-1 Kodie
No photo Emily Johnson
Head coach CVC 13 - Emily
Brandy Jones
Assistant coach 10-1 MK
No photo Courtney Lee
Assistant coach 14-1 Ayla
Melissa Liston
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 17-1 JMac
Haylea Mannebach
Head coach 16-2 Haylea
James McCall
Email | Bio
Head coach 17-1 JMac
No photo Brooke McCarty
Head coach 12-1 Brooke
Cody McCarty
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 16-1 Joe
Elle McCord
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 15-2 Ayla
Assistant coach 14-1 Ayla
No photo Brandon Moore
Board representative 10-1 MK
Board representative 11-2 Ansley
Board representative 11-1 Jason
Devon Mundy
Assistant coach 11-1 Jason
No photo Randy Mundy
Assistant coach 12-1 Brooke
Board representative 15-1 Jeremy
Kodie Patterson
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-1 Kodie
Desiree Sawyerr
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-3 Desiree
No photo Beau Schmidt
Assistant coach 11-2 Ansley
Ayla Smith
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-1 Ayla
Head coach 15-2 Ayla
Board representative 12-1 Brooke
David Starcher
Email | Bio
Board representative 14-1 Ayla
Board representative 14-2 Paul
Joe Whigham
Email | Bio
Head coach 16-1 Joe
Team Coach
No photo 17-1 JMac Head coach James McCall Email | Bio
Assistant coach Melissa Liston Email | Bio
No photo 16-1 Joe Head coach Joe Whigham Email | Bio
Assistant coach Cody McCarty Email | Bio
No photo 16-2 Haylea Head coach Haylea Mannebach Email
Assistant coach Alec Felt Email
No photo 15-1 Jeremy Head coach Jeremiah Harrison Email | Bio
Assistant coach Alisha Erves Email
No photo 15-2 Ayla Head coach Ayla Smith Email | Bio
Assistant coach Amariah Boyer Email
Assistant coach Elle McCord Email | Bio
No photo 14-1 Ayla Head coach Ayla Smith Email | Bio
Assistant coach Courtney Lee Email
Assistant coach Elle McCord Email | Bio
No photo 14-2 Paul Head coach Paul Collins Email | Bio
Assistant coach Mason Forsyth Email
No photo 14-3 Desiree Head coach Desiree Sawyerr Email | Bio
Assistant coach Amariah Boyer Email
No photo 13-1 Kodie Head coach Kodie Patterson Email | Bio
Assistant coach Ashley Beyer Email
No photo 13-2 Amber Head coach Amber Clinton Email | Bio
Assistant coach Shelley Green Email
No photo 12-1 Brooke Head coach Brooke McCarty Email
Assistant coach Randy Mundy Email
No photo 11-1 Jason Head coach Jason Davis Email
Assistant coach Devon Mundy Email
No photo 11-2 Ansley Head coach Ansley Berry Email
Assistant coach Beau Schmidt Email
No photo 10-1 MK Head coach MK Forsyth Email
Assistant coach Brandy Jones Email
No photo CVC 14-1 Head coach Amber Clinton Email | Bio
No photo CVC 13 - Emily Head coach Emily Johnson Email
No photo CVC 13- Shelley Head coach Shelley Green Email

Contact Information

Joe Whigham
A5 South Club Director, Head Coach 16-1

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A5 South had 9 different teams win at least 1 Tournament in 2016

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