Practice Schedule

These are the weekly recurring practice schedules.

Your team's coach has the final word on when your team practices each week if it varies from this schedule.

Please check with your coach if you have doubt and let your coach know if this schedule differs from their communicated recurring schedule.   Occasional changes from your coach will not be indicated on this schedule.  

Regular Season Practice Schedule - Starts January 6*

Master Coaching in bold

Setters, please report 30 minutes early. If you are unsure of whether to report, please check with your coach.

  Weekdays Weekend
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
11-1 Darcy   5:30p-8:00p     5:30p-8:30p    
12-1 Marge   5:30p-8:00p     5:30p-8:30p    
12-2 Jillian   5:30p-8:00p     5:30p-8:30p    
13-1 Trina   6:00p-8:30p   6:00p-8:00p   9:00a-12:00p  
13-2 Ayla   6:00p-8:30p     5:30p-8:30p    
14-1 Josh   6:00p-8:30p   6:00p-8:00p   9:00a-12:00p  
14-2 Paul 6:00p-8:00p 6:00p-8:30p          
14-3 Amber   6:00p-8:30p   6:00p-8:00p      
15-1 Marge 6:00p-9:00p   6:30p-9:30p     7:00a-10:00a  
16-1 Jason     6:30p-9:30p 8:00p-10:00p     5:00p-8:00p
16-2 Charlette     6:30p-9:30p 8:00p-10:00p     5:00p-8:00p
17-1 Joe     6:30p-9:30p 6:30-9:30p     5:00p-8:00p
17-2 JMac     6:30p-9:30p 8:00p-10:00p     5:00p-8:00p
18-1 Jeremy 6:00p-9:00p   6:30p-9:30p       2:00p-4:00p

A5 South Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

All of our teams are encouraged to give back to the community by undertaking a community service project that may or may not have anything to do with volleyball.

A5 South Volleyball Club
105 Mallory Court
Tyrone, GA 30290
Phone: 678-763-7901

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