2019-2020 Cost Structure

With tryouts approaching, we are frequently asked about the cost of playing for our club. In an effort to be open, communicative and transparent, we will summarize the cost of playing for A5 South here on our website. We cover this information in the Informational meetings in detail

When reviewing the cost of playing for our club it is important to remember several things:

  • It has never been a goal of ours for A5 South to be the low-cost service provider.  Certainly there are cheaper alternatives available if cost is your only consideration.
  • Since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, every nickel that comes in to our club is deployed to the benefit of our members.  We have no profit motive.
  • As a top 100 ranked volleyball club in the United States for 2018 & 2019 in the past 5 years in aggregate, we feel that A5 South's true competitive market is among the other top 100 clubs throughout the nation.  Accordingly, we build our tournament schedule and team budgets with those competitive parameters in mind.
  • That said; we know that it is expensive to play club volleyball. It is important for us to aggressively control costs wherever possible, and to remain cognizant of how the cost of playing for A5 South compares to the cost of playing for other local clubs.
  • Lastly, it is important to note that all of A5 South's 15s-17s teams train through and compete in the AAU National Championships in June, which is included in the up front team costs presented herein.  This includes approximately 8 weeks of additional training (~30%) over teams that end the season at SRVA Regionals.  A few local clubs have begun to imitate us in this regard; just make sure that you are comparing training seasons of similar length when you compare cost from team to team.
The cost of playing for an A5 family club is unique to every team and indeed to each individual. Each team has their own specific tournament schedule, resulting in a calculable and unique cost for those players. We have always felt that this team specific budgeting is the fairest way to allocate cost to our members.  The cost you pay is what it actually costs for your team to attend your tournaments. The simpler alternative would be to do what many other clubs do – to charge every player and every team the same amount.  While easier for the club, the downside of such a system is that typically teams with a less challenging schedule would end up subsidizing the teams that travel more and/or play in more expensive tournaments.  We don’t think this is fair.

We break our cost into five distinct categories:
  1. Uniform Cost – unique to every player. Returning players will re-use portions of their Uniform package from year-to-year, paying only for the items they need for the upcoming season.
  2. Player Fee – the cost to run the club.  This category is unique to each age category and - aside from U12’s, which have a different structure - is dependent upon whether the team’s season includes training through and competing in the AAU National Championships in June.  53% of this amount goes to pay our coaches and staff; 27% is for gym space; and the remaining 20% is for things like insurance, USAV/AAU membership fees, legal, marketing, etc.
  3. Tournament Registration Fees – unique to each team
  4. Coach travel/lodging/per diem – two coaches per team - unique to each team
  5. Player travel – hotels for players, player airfare, shuttles/vans, etc. - unique to each team (player travel is still being finalized and will be presented by the 1st day of tryouts for the age group if not before) 
Vehicular transportation to non-flight tournaments, meals, and parent travel are not included.

The A5 family is the only club in the region that handles and includes player travel (including team flights) in our fees. Therefore, it is important to add back in the personal "not included in the fees" cost of air fare and player lodging when comparing the cost of playing for A5 South to the cost of playing for another club.  Players traveling to out-of-town tournaments may have to pay for hotels, air fare, etc directly, in addition to the fees paid to the club... at A5 South, this is handled for you at the club level and included in the specific dues for your team.

A5 South Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

We take our mission statement - "Teaching Life Lessons Through the Sport of Volleyball" - seriously and will always emphasize hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, honor, character development and doing the right thing over "W's and L's", for we know that if we focus on imparting those important life skills to our athletes, winning will take care of itself.

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