USA Volleyball changes age cutoff for upcoming 2021 club season

New cutoff date is July 1 - changed from Sept 1.

July 12, 2020 - USA Volleyball announced a change in how they define eligibility for each age level in club volleyball.  The start date has been changed to July 1 ( it was previously September 1). 

If your daughter does not have a July or August birthday, she is not directly affected by this change.   Whatever her age eligibility was for last year, this year it's one year higher, as usual. 

If your athlete was born in July or August, they were always one of the youngest athletes in their age group.  With the change in the USAV age definition, they are now one of the older athletes in their age group, and as a result of this change, they are eligible for the upcoming 2020-2021 season to try out or play for the same age group they may have during the past season.

Of course at the club's discretion or the preference of each athlete's family, athletes may be allowed to or asked to try out for an older age group, for example to stay with their grade in school.  Talk to a club representative if you're unsure about this.

Another change is that if your daughter will be USAV Age 18 but will be Junior in high school, she may play on a 17s team to eliminate recruiting concerns playing an 18s schedule.

Our website has been updated to reflect the new USAV age definition as well as the correct age eligibility for each athlete for the upcoming 2020-2021 club volleyball season.  When you sign into your parent profile, the circled number displayed with your athlete's name is the correct age eligibility for the upcoming season.

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